Health Management Information System

With the purpose of improving our work we rely on an established Health Management Information Systems. Thanks to it at the very admittance we are able to create patient’s file including both medical and rehabilitation plan. The rooms are equipped with tablets with the use of which the servicing personnel marks all the carried out procedures. So we have possibility to trace the timely carrying out of every treatment, and this information is also accessible for the relatives of the patient. With the help of the volume of the collected data we can successfully analyse and improve our services. Each bed has installed emergency button with which the patients can give a signal when needed. The nurses receive information about the call made by the patient irrespective of the premise they are in. The information is visualised on a control module in the nurses office as well as on their mobile devices. Thanks to this system we can guarantee prompt reaction and timely care.

Cognitive therapy

“HeadApp” is a computer application developed by a team of physiotherapists, doctors and specialists, which aims to help the brain activity after an injury, caused by a stroke, brain haemorrhage or other central nervous system disorder. Working with specialised software can start in the rehabilitation centre since these patients need exercises to strengthen their concentration and help for recovering memories. This type of therapy has a favourable effect on the brain cells by slowing down the process of their aging. Patients start with easier exercises and gradually the difficulty is increased – till serious load, aiming recovering daily functions, is achieved. Since it is computer based this application gives us possibility systematically to collect accurate data for the progress of every patient. The collected information is then read by specialists who update the program for general strengthening of the organism: “HeadApp” can be used after: 1. Stroke, brain trauma, 2. Surgical intervention, lack of oxygen in the brain, brain poisoning, consequences of use of drugs, alcohol and other. 3. Brain haemorrhage 4. Geriatric disorders (Demention and Alzheimer) 5. Meningitis and psychiatric disorders. 6. Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson and other. Cognitive therapy is most effective with training which are carried out in the rehabilitation hospitals. After discharge at home, even under surveillance by a specialist, it is very difficult to spend the necessary time on carrying it out.

Robotic devices in Rehabilitation center "ReGo", part of Rehabilitation hospital "Serdika"


Lokomat is an extremely precise device that moves the lower limbs and combats their spasticity through movement. It is manufactured by Hocoma, a Swiss company – a leader in the production of devices and solutions for human movement therapy, with over 20 years of experience and close specialization in this field.

It is suitable for children and adults.

Robotic devices*

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy for activities of daily living for patients with impaired muscle control, weakness and motor limitations. We have a wide range of upper and lower extremity devices and body strengthening sensors enabling more extensive therapy. The selection of the therapy is carried out by a certified team of specialists, focused on individual needs and research by specialized tests.

*Therapies with Lokomat and robotic devices are not part of hospital packages