Welcome to the new website of Hospice "SERDIKA"


Hospice “Serdika” is a part of Multiprofile Hospital for Continuous Treatment and Rehabilitation “Serdika”. There patients need assistance with their daily activities like eating, bathing, etc., but in some cases of specialised care like health, rehabilitation and medical care too. We provide all these with a focus on the individual needs for a long period of time.

What care can we provide?

Palliative care for patients with chronical diseases, disabled patients and terminally-ill people. We focus on alleviating the symptoms, relieving pain and helping for a better emotional life.

In hospice “Serdika” we can also accommodate for additional treatment patients who were initially admitted for postsurgical treatment in the MHCTR “Serdika”, but need several more days of care for their full recovery. We also help patients in periods of acute symptoms related with the main disease.

Here we can admit patients for shorter period – from one to several days. During this time you can rest assured that we will take care of your relatives with the due attention.

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How do we treat?

The patients in Hospice “Serdika” benefit from the same care in respect of medical supervision, rehabilitation, nursing and sanitary care, just as in Hospital “Serdika”. In some of the cases our visitors need different focus – electrotherapy for pain relief, specialised rehabilitation for strengthening the muscles and other cares with the purpose of providing comfort and convenience.

Preparation of an individualised rehabilitation and a medicinal plan are required elements of the full treatment.

The prices are determined in accordance with the individual condition and the desired length of stay. For more information, please,contact us or make an enquiry through the website