Medical Conditions

Какво е лечението при скъсан менискус

How can we help you?

Often relatives of a person who has undergone surgery or suffered an injury (trauma), do not realise the seriousness of the postoperative period and the need for rehabilitation. Consequently, they can unconsciously cause harm leaving their relative “to recover” at home. Recovery processes is extremely effective when human factor and new technologies go hand in hand. The intensity of treatment under medical control leads to the best recovery results, namely:

  • Faster return to normal life.

  • Better emotional health and self-confidence in the locomotor movements
  • Training in dealing with daily activities
  • Longer life of better quality

Other Conditions

Fighting stroke is a race against time requiring specialised care. Do not stay at home!

The possibilities for full recovery are significant when there is a properly prepared and carried out program. We know how to ensure this.

The need of post-operative rehabilitation should not be underestimated. We know how to help.

We can help everyone in a difficult moment, ensuring quality palliative care, attention and comfortable environment.

Our efforts are directed towards full recovery of the functions.

Daily several-hour-long rehabilitation care is key for relieving the symptoms of the disease.

The high-tech methods we use and the attention we give increase the chance of a successful recovery.

Complications after fractures can be serious, but with a complex approach we can succeed.

Continuous specialised medical care and rehabilitation under one roof

We adapt the therapeutic methods to the condition of each patient for maximum recovery of the quality of life!