Rehabilitation Hospital “Serdika” donates 20% of all procedures with the device Lokomat Pro and other devices in the first in Bulgaria Center for robotic rehabilitation
he idea came from the executive director of the hospital – MD. Emil Yankov: “Serdika Hospital has been investing efforts and funds in the name of people’s health from the very beginning, and now that we already have a children’s ward and Lokomat Pro, it is time to lend a hand“.
Those interested must submit a request-letter for examination, addressed to the rehabilitation hospital “Serdika” – maybe by email: . Еxact address can be found here.

Once the hospital has assured that the child or adult is in real need and that there is potential for progress in the condition, the individuals will be admitted for procedures. The selection criteria are described in details in the Regulations.
At Serdika, accessibility is a priority and patient health is the number one goal.