Speech Therapist and Speech Therapy

A person deprived from the ability to communicate adequately is practically socially isolated. This isolation often leads to subsequent disturbances in the psycho-physiological status of the patient, but it can be influenced by professional intervention in the early stages of speech-language disorders.

Aphasia is a language disorder that occurs as a result of brain damage.

What are the consequences?

Sensory aphasia – impaired understanding

Motor aphasia – impaired, unintelligible speech

Dysarthria – impairment of the peripheral articulatory organs (lips, tongue)

Dysphagia – impaired swallowing

Loss of all language functions – difficulty naming objects

Dysgraphia – impaired written speech

Fatigue after short physical activities, such as climbing stairs

Acalculia – impaired mathematical skills, calculation

Who is suitable for speech therapy?

Patients after a stroke

Brain injury

Brain tumor

Inflammatory processes and intoxications

Loss of all language functions, such as understanding and expression

How we can help?

Speech therapy focuses on restoring the language and speech skills of the patient by using alternative or additional communication methods. Depending on the clinical case, a multidisciplinary team (doctor, rehabilitator, psychologist, and others) of specialists may be required. The speech therapist structures a suitable individual program for the development of communicative abilities.

What are the expected results?

Improving Memory and Focus
Recovery of Written Speech
Improvement of Mathematical Skills
Speech restoration

Diagnostic Procedure

70 BGN
  • Speech Therapist Consultation
  • Assessment of the Type and Severity of Impairment
  • Determination of Therapy Goals and Methods
  • Development of an Individualized Therapeutic Program
  • Defining a Visit Schedule

Therapeutic Procedure

70 BGN
  • Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication Therapy
  • Respiratory Gymnastics
  • Recovery of Swallowing

Small and Significant Steps

*The service can be utilized as needed with additional charges.