Continuous treatment and palliative care for cancer patients

The specialised care is for people suffering from cancer disease but are key for their physical and emotional welfare. The choice of appropriate treatment facility in combination with good recovery program are significant for the success of the cancer treatments. Our efforts are directed towards ensuring quality life expectancy in favourable environment.

What do we pay attention to?

Extremely important part of the work with cancer patients is getting acquainted with the overall condition of the organism. Often the rehabilitation programs deal with only one symptom. Specialists of “Serdika” pay attention to each of the accompanying diseases and each individual peculiarity of the patient with the purpose of creating the most effective recovery plan possible. The early referring to such type of program in combination with appropriate approach on our part allow quality control of the unpleasant symptoms and prevention of a number of complications.

How do we help?

„Serdika“ is one of the few health facilities which offer a complex approach to people suffering from these diseases of from the effects of their treatment. Here you will find a team of professionals who can provide long-term daily care of any nature.

We create comfortable social environment for everyone. We provide assistance with the daily activities and prepare regimen of controlled motion rehabilitation in compliance with the individual physical capabilities. We are focused on the positive influencing of the psycho emotional state of both patients and their relatives.

We have a possibility to assist at each stage – right after diagnosing, during preparation for therapy or operation, during chemo and radiation therapy, as well as when there is a recurrence of the disease.

Our mission is not simply survival, but giving a chance for quality and beneficial life.

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